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Physical Therapy

physical therapy

The goal of therapy is to improve core strength, maintain joint integrity, and improve mobility and balance. Therapy for infants and young children may also include sensory stimulation programs.

Aquatic Therapy

aquatic therapy

Kids and water can be a wonderful combination. A licensed physical therapist, trained in aquatic physical therapy, will work with your child to address your child's specific needs.

Consultative Services

Consultative Services

It takes a team effort to help each child with a disability reach their greatest potential. Therefore, we work closely with the parents, teachers, physicians, paraprofessionals, and other agencies.

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Dynamic Kids provides child-oriented physical therapy services for children from birth through adolescence. Dynamic Kids is unique in that it appears to be more of a playground than a traditional physical therapy setting with its swings, balls and bungee cord equipment that kids love. However, it is also the only outpatient therapy center that provides intensive pediatric physical therapy in the Central Valley. Although the training and the center may make Dynamic Kids unique, it's our passion in working with each child that we hope will make his or her experience at Dynamic Kids special!

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Our Philosophy

We don't view children as mini-adults, but rather as children who are making leaps and bounds and developing new skills whether it's gross/fine motor, cognitive, speech and language or social emotional. We believe it's important to approach the child as a whole instead of only looking at their development in gross motor skills. Dynamic Kids believe that every child has the potential to learn and it is our mission to help each child reach their greatest functional potential.